How it works

Imagine you have a website, or brochure or flyer in English which you need to produce in, say, four (or more) different languages to promote your business at the next international trade fair.

You know that Blossom normally translates from English, Spanish and French into Portuguese but you need your project translated into let's say Russian, Duch and German as well.


You send your final document to Blossom. Blossom communicates with the client and makes sure all the client's requirements down to the last detail are understood.

Blossom processes the document to ensure uniform formatting for all target languages, and distributes the document to the team of translators.

During the translation process, communication between all those involved in the translation is possible. Blossom is in frequent communication with each translator and where required, with the client, to ensure that all queries are answered, and the project is well monitored.

All translations are returned to Blossom.

Blossom performs quality checks before delivering the target texts in multiple languages to the client. And wraps up the project to the client's satisfaction.

What my customers say

'Ana and the Blossom Translations team have always been extremely professional in the work they do. We have really enjoyed working with them on editorial projects for Fruitnet publications, and look forward to doing so again in the future.'

Mike Knowles in the United Kingdom

'I met Ana in Berlin at Fruit Logistica, she translated our Software Solution for the Fresh Produce in Portuguese.  Thanks to her competence and understanding of both the language and the agriculture business, she delivered excellent work.'

Jozef De Smedt in Belgium

'Ana managed our international translation project for Portuguese (Brazilian) in a correct and fast way. She showed a strong affection to the operational environment of our software solution in the agriculture and fresh produce industry with terminology in quality, logistics, inventory, ERP,...'

Frank Vandervelpen in Belgium

'Ana is a dedicated professional with relevant skills, highly focused and reliable.'


Specialist translation in the fresh produce and food industry

Contact info

Ana Lourenço | Lisbon | Portugal | +351 933 881 112 |

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