Intended for specific projects, Blossom Premium an innovative and efficient method of managing and co-ordinating your projects where multiple target languages are required.

How much do you charge?

The price will vary depending on the size, complexity and format of your document.

For example, the translation of a scientific article on fresh fruit, vegetables, edible flowers or mushrooms might cost a little less than the translation of a product brochure targeting the horticultural, agricultural or food processing industry.

Many factors, including the level of copywriting expertise required, are also taken into account. Please contact us for a quotation.

Why trust us

Translation services from an industry expert in the exotic and gourmet fresh produce business

This is why you should trust Ana with your international communications, website, merchandising, finantial and audit reports, patents, contracts and business paperwork

What my customers say

'Ana and the Blossom Translations team have always been extremely professional in the work they do. We have really enjoyed working with them on editorial projects for Fruitnet publications, and look forward to doing so again in the future.'

Mike Knowles in the United Kingdom

'I met Ana in Berlin at Fruit Logistica, she translated our Software Solution for the Fresh Produce in Portuguese.  Thanks to her competence and understanding of both the language and the agriculture business, she delivered excellent work.'

Jozef De Smedt in Belgium

'Ana managed our international translation project for Portuguese (Brazilian) in a correct and fast way. She showed a strong affection to the operational environment of our software solution in the agriculture and fresh produce industry with terminology in quality, logistics, inventory, ERP,...'

Frank Vandervelpen in Belgium

'Ana is a dedicated professional with relevant skills, highly focused and reliable.'

Suzana Mendes in Lisbon


Specialist translation in the fresh produce and food industry

Contact info

Ana Lourenço | Lisbon | Portugal | +351 933 881 112 | info@blossomtranslations.com

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