The idea behind Blossom Translations is to help your business bloom and grow.


Since Blossom Translations began, we have provided our clients in the specialist fresh produce industry with translations from English, French and Spanish into Portuguese.

Based on our experience over the years, we have developed tailored multilingual package options called Blossom Premium.

Intended for specific projects, Blossom Premium, an innovative and efficient method of managing and co-ordinating your one-off projects where multiple target languages are required.

Blossom offers translation services for fresh and gourmet fruit and vegetable producers and wholesalers as well as a wide range of commercial fresh produce operations. Ana's whole family is involved in fresh produce wholesale. Her expertise and Blossom's multi-language services focus on helping your efforts in business bear fruit!

Contact  Ana to discuss your translation and localisation needs. She will be happy to advise you whether the work you have in mind would benefit from the Blossom Premium packages.

What my customers say

'We were delighted to have Ana Lourenço and Blossom Translations for the translation from English to German of our horticultural enterprise software Mprise Agriware. Ana Lourenço handled the translation project very well. She gave the process a clear structure and we were able to achieve results very quickly.'

Marek Thielemann in The Netherlands

'Ana and the Blossom Translations team have always been extremely professional in the work they do. We have really enjoyed working with them on editorial projects for Fruitnet publications, and look forward to doing so again in the future.'

Mike Knowles in the United Kingdom

'I met Ana in Berlin at Fruit Logistica, she translated our Software Solution for the Fresh Produce in Portuguese.  Thanks to her competence and understanding of both the language and the agriculture business, she delivered excellent work.'

Jozef De Smedt in Belgium


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Ana Lourenço | Lisbon | Portugal | +351 933 881 112 |


Let me know if I can answer any questions on our services or give a quote for your project.

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